Episode 1: The Courage Wolf podcast is born!

The Courage Wolf podcast brings you stories of courage and inspiration from people just like you who have overcome adversity and fear and now live successful lives of courage and freedom. Welcome to the podcast that brings you inspirational stories from people who have fed The Courage Wolf, and about the lives they now lead.

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Welcome to The Courage Wolf

I created The Courage Wolf podcast to bring stories of courage and inspiration to people who are living with fear, to inspire them to take that first step forward to being courageous themselves so that they can create their ideal life!

I want to inspire people to be more courageous, so that they can see they don’t have to live their lives in fear! I want them to see that other people, just like them, have overcome adversity and fear, and that they can do it too!

The story goes that there are two wolves who live in each of us, the fear wolf and The Courage Wolf, and the one that gets stronger and more powerful is the one we feed the most.

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