Episode 150: PTSDx event and Replay of Boots on the Ground podcast

On the 14th of June I was honoured to be asked to be part of a panel discussing post traumatic stress and other occupational stress injuries at the PTSDx event held at the beautiful venue: Centre in the Square in Kitchener.

Ron Sonoda, who’s a former paramedic who struggled with post traumatic stress, and his brother Rob Sonoda, who is the Director of Operations for Centre in the Square, put together this event with the purpose of helping to de-stigmatize PTSD and other occupational stress injuries and provide education around the possible avenues towards healing.

This topic is so important that I would like to present to you a replay of the episode that I did with Boots on the Ground Founder, Dave McLennan and with Rob Leathen who volunteers with the organization.  In this episode we talk about the importance of battling the stigma that still surrounds mental health injuries in the first responder professions.