Episode 151: Twice Shot: Surviving, Rising and Thriving!

My special guest is a Brother police officer from Australia who was shot twice after responding to a call involving firearms in the wee hours of the 1st of May 2000.

Daryl Elliott Green was with his partner Constable Sharnelle Cole and his Sergeant Chris Mulhall.  All three were shot at close range with a .22 rifle by the gunman who then fled the scene.

Even after being shot, Daryl went after the gunman before being taken to hospital.

Miraculously, all three officers survived their injuries but were left to deal with the aftermath: years of physical rehabilitation and years of ongoing emotional trauma.

Please join Daryl and I on the podcast today to find out how one man survived the years of recovery and has now made it his life’s mission to talk about how you can survive your own trauma, whatever that may be.