Episode 176: Nothing short of a Miracle!

Have we got a great guest for you today!  Dave Muller spent over 33 years in policing with Peel and Guelph Police and he retired almost 5 weeks ago today.

Dave’s story’s is nothing short of a miracle in that he fully recovered from a head on collision in 2007 in which he should have died.  The accident forced him away from policing for over 10 years while he explored his own recovery through various treatment modalities.

In Dave’s recovery journey he received his Master’s in medical Qi Gong therapy, and if you don’t have any idea what that is make sure you stay tuned because that, in and of itself is a game changer.

A certification in traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

And a Master’s of Reiki

And he is teaching some of these powerful tools to new and veteran police officers to help them in their policing journeys.