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Welcome to The Courage Wolf

This is an older picture of me with my own Courage Wolf, Sneaker, who passed away about 2 years ago

I’m a former first responder of 28 years. 7 years before I retired I started a small training company.

When I retired 5 years ago I continued training organizations in workplace violence prevention and preparation methods and personal protection skills .

When the coronavirus hit the world I decided to do what people have been suggesting to me for years, and that was to do a podcast.

I believe that there is a real need today for people to share their stories of tough times and how they got through, or are getting through them. In these times of isolation, it is important to know that we are not alone .

It’s also important to know that we are all going through something in our lives, and that, as Ram Dass said so eloquently: “We are all walking each other home ”.

Giving people a platform to tell their stories really resonates with me, and learning lessons from them that can help us all is vital.

Come with me every week as we talk with people just like you and learn about each other, and how we can help each other .

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